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About Us | 10 Reasons TASC is Unique

Here are 10 important things to know about TASC and how it can serve your needs:

1. Experience: Over 30 years of merger and acquisition experience. This includes managing the acquisition programs of two Fortune 500 corporations and the acquisition advisory services of two major financial institutions.

2. Results: More than 70 transactions successfully completed.

3. Value Added: We do much more than just make introductions. TASC undertakes the research and analysis and offers the action-oriented advice required by clients who must decide with confidence what to do and how to make it happen. We assume as much responsibility as our client chooses to delegate for managing the transaction to a successful conclusion.

4. Priorities: While committed to results, TASC is not obsessed with transactions for their own sake. We take the time to understand a client's objectives, resources and limitations before recommending an acquisition or sale. If it would not be in the client's best interest, we don't hesitate to recommend against it.

5. Choice: Our clients are not limited to a small number of buyers or sellers, located in one region. Our extensive contacts, data base and state-of-the-art research methods provide access to a wide range of prospects, including ones not widely known to be seeking a transaction.

6. Service: We accept only a limited number of clients. Every project TASC undertakes is important enough to command the full attention of senior management. No key project activities are ever delegated to junior staff.

7. Teamwork: We respect the contributions of a client's staff and other professional advisors. We work closely with them, as a team, throughout the project.

8. Sensitivity: We know that entrepreneurial businesses are not just small versions of giant public corporations. TASC understands and is responsive to their special needs.

9. Confidentiality: We respect the confidentiality of a client's objectives and of other information we receive from them. We treat this information with the utmost discretion.

10. Industry Knowledge: We have specific experience in most major industries and access to a range of specialists to supplement our own knowledge.