Strategic acquisitions and business sales.

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Here is how the principals of The Acquisition Search Corporation have helped some clients in mergers and acquisitions:

  1. Two entrepreneurs sought help in identifying, assessing and negotiating leisure products acquisitions.
    An acquisition search resulted in two purchases in less than nine months. One was later sold at a substantial profit. The other was retained and has achieved a large increase in earnings.
  2. A distributor of groceries to convenience stores believed it had already identified the most attractive acquisition candidates in its industry.
    When contacted, all of them had no wish to sell, sought an unrealistically high price or failed to meet its criteria. Our own research identified a prospect previously overlooked by the client. Its owners were persuaded to discuss a sale. The distributor completed its acquisition.
  3. A 100-year old distributor of scientific instruments wished to integrate backward into manufacturing but had never made an acquisition.
    An acquisition search was planned and managed for them. Four acquisitions resulted. They added substantially to the distributor's profits.
  4. A company in an unrelated business was offered the chance to buy a consumer products manufacturer.
    Because of unsatisfactory financial results and a pessimistic view of its future, every significant participant in its industry had already rejected it. A careful analysis revealed opportunities to reposition the company's products from commodities to high margin fashion items. The company was acquired at an attractive price. Profits were increased substantially. It was later resold for many times the purchase price.
  5. A privately owned construction company sought help in dealing with the complexities of acquiring a publicly traded corporation.
    The prospect of a competing bid added to the difficulties. A strategy was devised and implemented which allowed the client to defeat the competitor, undertake a successful tender offer and complete the acquisition at the desired price.