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News | Who are your competitors?

Who are your competitors? That's a question you have probably heard and asked often. At The Acquisition Search Corporation (TASC), the competitor we come across most often is, "I can do the deal myself, without professional help." But can they?

Many of our prospects are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are people accustomed to accomplishing ambitious objectives with limited resources. Often this means trying to make do without outside help.

Few entrepreneurs would think seriously of treating their own illness, preparing their own tax return or representing themselves in court. Yet some of these same people don't hesitate to pursue what may be the most important transaction in their business lives without the necessary professional guidance. They assume that a winning personality, strong work ethic and above average intelligence will be all they need to complete an acquisition or sale successfully. They may also put their accountants, lawyers or other advisors in a difficult position by asking for assistance that these advisors feel falls outside their own expertise.

There is more to completing an acquisition or sale than knowing someone else who wants to buy or sell and being a great negotiator. Among other things, it requires:

  • A thorough understanding of strategy - yours and that of the other party - and how it relates to the proposed transaction.
  • A thorough understanding of the marketplace, what drives it, its outlook and what can and can't be accomplished within its constraints.
  • The ability to understand the expectations of the other side and how to meet them without sacrificing your own needs.
  • A clear understanding of valuation methodology, how to apply it, what methods are relevant in what situation and where and how to get help.
  • Experience in all the many ways to structure a deal, to achieve the sometimes conflicting objectives of both parties.

At The Acquisition Search Corporation, we bring our clients the benefit of over 30 years of experience with issues like these and of everything we have learned, in the course of closing scores of acquisitions and sales, about how to keep the negotiations on track to complete the deal successfully.

Our clients do have winning personalities, a strong work ethic and above average intelligence. They apply them in deciding they have a much better chance to achieve their goals for business acquisitions or sales with our help than on their own.

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