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Our Responsibility to Our Client

In representing the seller, we are unencumbered by obligations to potential buyers. We believe our responsibility to our client is not merely to provide a quick introduction to someone we know, but to bring about a prompt and confidential sale to the one buyer with such a compelling need to acquire our client's business that it will be willing to pay the highest attainable price, to do so on the most favorable terms, and to complete the transaction promptly and with certainty.

While you may not require all of these services, here are some of the ways The Acquisition Search Corporation can help you.


No effort should be made to sell a business unless the owners are aware of the price that can be secured and willing to accept this price. We study our client's business thoroughly to understand its operations, markets, competition and prospects. On the basis of this understanding, we can anticipate reliably the best price the business will command in a negotiated sale. We can often help our clients to develop and implement a carefully planned selling effort that will produce a higher price than they thought possible.

Identifying Prospective Buyers

We undertake the research necessary to assemble a comprehensive list of potential buyers. This is based upon our determination of where the value of the business lies and what sort of buyer will be most likely to make the best offer.

We are in regular contact with large and small corporations and private investors in the United States and overseas who are seeking acquisitions. However, our efforts to identify buyers go far beyond this. In addition to our proprietary database, we utilize sophisticated research techniques and the extensive contacts of The Acquisition Search Corporation.

Because of our reputation, expertise and network of contacts, we have, or can gain, the ready access to decision-makers necessary to qualify them and command their attention.

Preparing the Documentation

A serious buyer will demand a complete written explanation of the nature of the business offered for sale and of its attractions to a buyer. Our experience enables us to prepare an effective document. We can do so quickly and without excessive demands on the time of our client's management and staff.

Negotiating the Sale

We are available to participate directly with our client in all meetings with prospective purchasers, including negotiations. We bring to this sensitive phase, years of experience, expertise and patience. When an offer is received, we can advise our client on its value, the ability of the offeror to secure financing and the likelihood that they will be willing and able to close the purchase. We assist in structuring counter-proposals. Our advice on negotiating strategy and tactics will often enable our client to secure a better deal than they would by acting independently. The difference can pay our fee many times over.

Closing the Sale

Acceptance of an offer by no means assures closing a sale. The Acquisition Search Corporation works closely with our client and its accountants, attorneys, and other professional advisors to assure that the final contract accurately expresses the terms and understandings of the verbal agreement.

Negotiating the written agreement and dealing with the due diligence requirements of the buyer can create major impediments to completing the sale. Our experience enables us to bridge communication gaps, anticipate problems and maintain the momentum of the transaction. This can mean the difference between success and failure.


The Acquisition Search Corporation acts for only one party to the transaction and with strict confidentiality. Our client is always kept fully informed and in control of our activities. Its identity will not be disclosed to potential buyers without specific authorization.

Where appropriate, we are paid a modest retainer fee. Otherwise, our compensation is not payable until completion of the transaction. Any retainer fee is usually credited against it.