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Sellers | Advisor Selection Criteria


Can the candidate help with the entire process from thinking through the transaction to closing, or only make an introduction?


Has the candidate successfully handled a large number of similar transactions?


Is the candidate really interested in the project? Is its practice such that this would be viewed as important work or is it likely to be put aside for a larger, more lucrative project?


Who will actually do the work? Is it the person who made the sales presentation, or will much of the responsibility be delegated to inexperienced junior staff? Does the project leader inspire confidence that the transaction will be completed successfully?


Can the candidate, by virtue of reputation and relationships, gain prompt access to the right people?


Does the candidate clearly demonstrate complete understanding of the client's objectives, timing, resources and constraints; of the marketplace; and of the details of the proposed transaction?


Will the candidate be available when needed? Are phone calls, emails and letters returned promptly?


Are the candidate's fees readily understood? Are they reasonable relative to value added, time committed and fees of other candidates? Are fees structured to motivate the candidate to accomplish the client's objectives?